6 Person Sea-Safe KHY ISO 9650 Self Righting Liferaft 24 Hr/ SOLAS B




Suffolk Marine Safety will discount the first service of this item (due in 3 years) by £35.

Self Righting ISO 9650 – 1 Group A liferaft for navigation in all Ocean Zones Available in a Container or Valise with a Description Made of highly flexible natural rubber which provides a high level of resistance to breakage the tubes are manually glued to guarantee quality and durability. The liferaft has a close sell foam and foil insulated floor. The Offshore Standard and Self Righting, which have a larger self-inflating canopy support tube, are completely vacuum sealed and feature three separate inflation chambers. Both models come in four, six, and eight person models.

All rafts have a large platform boarding ladder, a rear boarding ladder, a double insulated thermal floor, four large ballast bags and a vacuum sealed emergency equipment kit.Both models are available in an abrasion resistant valise, or a hard container that completely protects the entire raft until deployment. The Offshore Self Righting Life rafts unique patented design allows it to always right itself to the correct upright position during deployment, even in dangerous rolling waves or strong winds. Best of all, both models are economically priced and have a twelve year warranty with three year, service intervals.

Sea-Safe Life Rafts are approved by ISO 9650 -1-A, ISAF, Lloyds and meet most race regulations for mono and multi hulls in all race categories. The craftsmanship starts with rubber coated polyester fabric and oversized rugged valves and inflation system for highest functionality and reliability. Additional features of the life rafts include: large headroom for all occupants, heavy duty marine grade water resistant zippers, canopy closures, two rain collectors, SOLAS grade retro reflective tape on canopy, two storage pockets, automatic activated internal light and external strobe light, an insulated thermal floor, heaving ring with floating line, Sea Anchor with automatic deployment and heavy duty swivel and two boarding openings.

Certified to (ISO) International Standard ISO-9650 TYPE 1 GROUP A, (ISAF) International Sailing Federation, and SOLAS they are fully compliant worldwide.

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4 Man
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76.5 x 52.5 x 33

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71 x 41

71 x 43

76 x 43 x 29

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