Baltic Athena Harness Automatic 165N Lifejacket

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Baltic Athena Harness Automatic 165N Lifejacket

The Baltic Athena Harness Automatic 165N Lifejacket is designed to make life on board safer, without compromising on the comfort, making this an excellent safety choice. These lifejackets are manufactured by Baltic, one of the market leaders for marine safety equipment. This lifejacket is designed to be lightweight and slim making it unrestrictive – Ideal for long wear. In addition to this it features padded Velcro and a quick release buckle for extra security.

This lifejacket has an innovative element that places the 33G CO2 inflation valve on a diagonal axis lower down the leg of the jacket, in order to prevent discomfort and chaffing. This jacket comes in one size, with adjustable features that suits all shapes and sizes.

This jacket features a harness buckle and is fitted with an innovative Harness Release System. Designed to stop a man overboard being dragged along or entrapped by the vessel. This is fitted with a system that allows quick and efficient release from the harness by pulling the handle to activate and quickly releasing the harness loop. The padded Velcro provides a sturdy and soft layer of protection between the body and the harness buckle on the waistband.

Designed for women, this lifejacket is a comfortable alternative for any female sailors. However, this jacket is popular amongst all customers due to the new shape, and the modern colour patterns. This jacket comes in a black and grey colour, as well as white and pink. Additionally, these jackets come with and without a harness, to suit individual needs.


  • New value placement for comfort
  • 165N
  • Harness
  • Harness Release System
  • Automatic
  • One size: 40 – 120 Kg

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