Felco C108 2 Handed Cable Cutters with force transmission cam


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Swiss made cable cutters with force transmission cam device, capable of cutting up to 8mm cable.


Unbreakable hardened handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee, blades and fastenings in high-quality hardened steel, phosphate-treated, corrosion-resistant parts subject to wear and tear can be replaced


Force transmission system with cam device for easier cutting clean, precise cut without crushing the cable thanks to the triangular cutting system, easy and durable cutting adjustment


Lightweight handles, helpful lever effect, comfortable plastic coating

Max Cutting Diameter:

Galvanized steel cables, textile core  8mm (0.31in), Galvanized steel cables, steel core8mm (0.31in), Hard steel cables, resistance 160 kg/mm28mm (0.31in), Non-oxidable steel cables, resistance 190 kg/mm28mm (0.31in), Extra tough cables and strands, resistance 210 kg/mm2 8mm (0.31in), Electric cables (copper or aluminium) with steel core8mm (0.31in), Aluminum- or copper rods8mm (0.31in), Iron rods, resistance 60 kg/mm28mm (0.31in), Tempered spring wire 6mm (0.24in), Welded wire mesh: yes, Pre-stressed concrete girder: yes