Felco C9 2 Handed Cable Cutters


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Swiss made cable cutters capable of cutting up to 9mm


Unbreakable hardened handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee / blades and fastenings in high-quality hardened steel / parts subject to wear and tear can be replaced


Clean, precise cut without crushing the cable thanks to the triangular cutting system / easy and durable cutting adjustment


Lightweight handles / helpful lever effect / comfortable plastic coating

Max Cutting Diameter:

Galvanized steel cables, textile core:  9mm (0.35in) Galvanized steel cables, steel core: 8mm (0.31in) Hard steel cables, resistance 160 kg/mm27mm (0.28in) Non-oxidable steel cables, resistance 190 kg/mm26mm (0.24in) Extra tough cables and strands, resistance 210 kg/mm2 5mm (0.2in) Electric cables (copper or aluminium) with steel core9mm (0.35in) Aluminum- or copper rods: 9mm (0.35in) Iron rods, resistance 60 kg/mm27mm (0.28in)Tempered spring wire3mm (0.12in) Welded wire mesh: yes, Rubber conveyor belt: yes