Plastimo Telescopic IOR Danbuoy Light


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Plastimo Telescopic IOR Danbuoy Light

The Plastimo Telescopic IOR Danbuoy Light is designed to be paired with the Plastimo Telescopic IOR Danbuoy which boasts an attractive ergonomic design and superior stability to other competitors. Compliant with the ISAF/ORC racing regulations the 3.64m Danbuoy can be paired with a stainless steel holder and this user replaceable battery powered light.

The Plastimo Danbuoy light is Powered by a 9V user replaceable battery. When fitted, the light is situated 2.30m above the waterline, bringing the total height of the dan buoy to 2.24m when a light is fitted.

When the dan buoy is thrown into the water, the lanyard detaches the clip from the light, which then activates the light automatically. To fit the light to the dan buoy, simply push the bayonet fitting into the top of the dan buoy.

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