Second User Plastimo Transocean 8 Person ISO9650-1

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Second User Plastimo Transocean ISO9650-1 8 Person In Valise OR Container

This Second User Plastimo Transocean ISO9650-1 is a blue water liferaft, designed for extreme conditions. It features large capacity and high quantity of ballast pockets, a large drogue anchor, double insulating floor, fluorescent orange canopy with automatically erecting arch tube, a 4.3 candela external light and retro-reflecting strips. This liferaft has a -15°C inflation temperature making it an ISO9650-1, group A.

The Plastimo Transocean ISO 9650-1 also features a ballasted reversible ladder and grab handle to ease embarking. This system allows the MOB to hoist themselves up on the ladder and then topple easily into the raft.
Should the liferaft inflate upside down, the boarding ladder simply reverts, to allow the victim to pull himself on the capsized liferaft and make it easier to turn over the raft in its natural position.

This liferaft comes with a less than 24 hour survival equipment pack, with an additional grab bag upgrade available to either SOLAS B or an over 24 hour equipment pack.

This 8 person liferaft will come with a three year service certificate and can be serviced into either a brand new container or valise- the choice is yours! Manufactured in 2009, this liferaft has around 10 years of serviceable life left on a three year service schedule. Usually retailing around £2,000.00 this ISO9650 type-1 liferaft has over a £1000 saving and comes fully serviced ready to go.

Liferaft dimensions:

Container: 85 x 47 x 30
Valise: 80 x 50 x 28

Liferaft Weight:

Container: 43kg
Valise: 38kg

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