Practised in meeting coding requirements

Suffolk Marine Safety takes pride in being the go-to marine services company for businesses across the UK. Because we remain up to date with the latest coding requirements, we can advise you on whatever it is you need to bring you up to standard. Whether you need to hire a new liferaft, keep your equipment regularly serviced, or require a quote for new marine safety accessories, our specialist knowledge has been curated to make your vessel coding needs stress-free.

We work extensively with a range of commercial marine businesses, delivering our expertise to clients across the UK. Whether you’re a sailor tackling the Atlantic Ocean or a Fisherman labouring in the North Sea, take a look at the categories below to find the appropriate information for your vessel. Continue on to discover how Suffolk Marine Safety can assist you in being both safe and legal on the water.

Bow of boat

With a team of thoroughly trained and highly qualified engineers, Suffolk Marine Safety provides any repairs, either on dry land or underwater. Thanks to our extensive experience working with various marine professionals, we understand the importance of keeping things running smoothly. Our skilled technical management team carries out all work in compliance with rigorous health and safety regulations.

Suffolk Marine Safety offers a full range of marine services for businesses, including providing all necessary safety equipment for coding of small commercial vessels. Our expert team is always available to offer their expertise and advice for your business.


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