Leisure and commercial solutions

At Suffolk Marine Safety, we have over 800 modern, high quality, fully serviced liferafts, carefully chosen for specific applications including commercial use, leisure use and offshore racing, and available for hire across the UK. We provide a nationwide service and can deliver and collect your hired liferaft, wherever you are in the UK.

Our hire liferafts are available in many different sizes starting from 4 persons, and our hire periods range from 4 days in length up to as long as you need. Our extremely competitive pricing means you won’t be disappointed with our hire solutions.

A wide variety of serviced liferaft hire options throughout the UK

Safety is our main priority

Suffolk Marine Safety also hire SOLAS liferafts for larger vessels and CAT 0 Coded sailing yachts ranging from 6 to 25 persons. We can meet your exact requirements when it comes to liferaft hire as we appreciate purposes can differ.

As experts in the field of marine services, safety is always our main priority when it comes to hiring out any of our boats or equipment. All our liferafts are subject to rigorous safety checks, ensuring they are 100% seaworthy. Our marine services also include lifejacket hire to suit a range of specific requirements.

Liferaft Hire Prices

PeriodDaysEPIRB4 Person4 Person6 Person6 Person8 Person8 Person10 Person10 Person12 Person12 Person14 Person14 Person
 Inc VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx Vat
4 Days4£22.50£45.00£37.50£49.00£40.83£54.00£45.00£61.00£50.83£68.00£56.67£78.00£65.00
7 Days7£25.50£51.00£42.50£54.00£45.00£59.00£49.17£88.00£73.33£98.00£81.67£108.00£90.00
10 Days10£32.36£64.72£53.93£71.57£59.64£76.14£63.45£99.14£82.62£109.57£91.31£120.85£100.71
2 Weeks14£41.50£83.00£69.17£95.00£79.17£99.00£82.50£114.00£95.00£125.00£104.17£138.00£115.00
3 Weeks21£58.50£117.00£97.50£129.00£107.50£141.00£117.50£162.00£135.00£178.00£148.33£196.00£163.33
4 Weeks28£72.00£144.00£120.00£159.00£132.50£178.00£148.33£200.00£166.67£220.00£183.33£242.00£201.67
5 Weeks35£82.25£164.50£137.08£183.50£152.92£203.50£169.58£231.00£192.50£253.99£211.66£279.50£232.92
6 Weeks42£92.50£185.00£154.17£208.00£173.33£229.00£190.83£262.00£218.33£288.00£240.00£317.00£264.17
7 Weeks49£101.00£202.00£168.33£225.00£187.50£249.00£207.50£274.00£228.33£301.00£250.83£331.00£275.83
8 Weeks56£105.00£210.00£175.00£234.17£195.14£258.34£215.28£284.83£237.36£311.66£259.72£342.83£285.69
13 Weeks91£125.00£250.00£208.33£280.00£233.33£304.99£254.16£338.99£282.49£365.00£304.17£402.00£335.00
26 Weeks182£143.26£286.52£238.77£314.53£262.11£339.20£282.67£369.98£308.32£384.00£320.00£448.00£373.33
39 Weeks273£161.53£323.05£269.21£349.07£290.89£373.40£311.17£400.75£333.96£432.00£360.00£492.97£410.81
52 Weeks365£180.00£360.00£300.00£396.00£330.00£432.00£360.00£468.00£390.00£492.00£410.00£540.00£450.00
52 Weeks (3 YR)365£153.00£306.00£255.00£336.60£280.50£367.20£306.00£397.80£331.50£418.20£348.50£459.00£382.50

We are unable to give refunds for early return of hire equipment


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