Marine Safety Equipment Servicing


If you require servicing for your lifejackets or liferafts, we provide high-quality marine equipment servicing at an affordable cost. Our team of experts will ensure that your equipment is regularly maintained, guaranteeing that your daily operations are not hindered.

Additionally, we offer servicing and repair for inflatable dinghies, RIBs, kayaks, and other inflatables. Our skilled team can assist you with punctures and valve issues.

( Call us at 01473 833010 or  (   023 8001 7575  to learn more.

Professional marine equipment servicing across the UK

As an approved agent for marine equipment servicing, Suffolk Marine Safety has gained an excellent reputation for delivering quality servicing across the UK.

With a focus on customer service, we are always on hand to provide technical assistance.

For your safety, service technicians are manufacturer-certified to service a large range of rafts.



We can service the following liferaft manufacturers

Manufacturer Model/Standard
AVON Coastline and Ocean ISO ISAF
Bombard ISO & ISO Type 2
Lalizas Leisure, Racing, ISO/ISAF, SOLAS
Ocean Safety Charter II, Charter KHY, Ocean ISO, Regatta ISO, SOLAS, Standard, Ultralite
Plastimo All Plastimo Rafts, including Coastal ISO Type 2, Cruiser, ISO/ISAF, Offshore
Waypoint Coastal, Commercial ISO, Offshore
Zodiac Coaster ISO, Eversafe, ISO Open Sea, Zoom
XM We can service XM depending on the raft age













If your Liferaft is not listed, please call us so we can advise. ( 01473 833010  ( 023 8001 7575


We can service the following lifejacket manufacturers

Crewsaver * We cannot service Twin Chamber SOLAS Lifejackets
Mustang Survival
Ocean Safety
















If your Lifejacket is not listed, please call us so we can advise. ( 01473 833010  ( 023 8001 7575

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