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Whether you’re crossing the English Channel or setting off on a long trip, an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) is a safety essential in a mayday scenario.

These ingenious devices will alert the search and rescue services by transmitting a signal via satellite to the nearest rescue coordination centre.

Our lightweight, waterproof and internationally approved EPIRBs are available to hire for any period starting from 4 days, and once your hire is confirmed we are happy to assist you in registering the device to your emergency contact details.

EPIRB Hire, ensuring your safety in a Mayday scenario

Fast, Accurate & Reliable

At Suffolk Marine Safety we are determined to make your experience at sea straightforward and well-protected. That’s why our EPIRBs are easy to operate, include a self-test function and battery life indicator, and transmit your location through the 50 and 66-channel GNSS receiver using multiple satellite systems to determine your location. They offer a guaranteed minimum of 48 hours of continuous operation.

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