10 Person Plastimo Transocean ISO/ISAF Liferaft


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10 Person Plastimo Transocean ISO/ISAF Liferaft


This life raft has an 18 year warranty and 3 year service intervals.

This ISO Type 1 liferaft is developed from the ISAF standard, and is specially adapted to offshore racing.

Designed for navigation in extreme conditions it features:

Large capacity and quantity of ballast pockets, large area drogue anchors, -15°C inflation temperature, double insulated floor, fluro orange canopy with automatically erecting arch tube, 4.3 candela outside light, with radar and retro reflecting stripes.

The Transocean ISAF also features a boarding ramp with an inside grab handle to ease embarking.

This system allows the casualty to hoist themselves up on the ramp and then topple easily into the raft.

Two types of survival equipment packs are available, depending on the expected time that the casualty may spend in the raft waiting for rescue.


The standard pack, where rescue is expected in under 24 hours, is included in the price of this liferaft and an emergency pack which includes water and food, designed for rescue expected after 24 hours, is also available.

Please enquire for pricing of this liferaft with the >24hr emergency pack by calling 01473 833010.

This life raft has an 18 year warranty and 3 year service intervals.

Click on link for liferaft equipment datasheet: Life Raft Equipment Data Sheet

Click on link for guide for choosing your Plastimo Liferaft: Guide to Choosing your Plastimo Life Raft

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18 year warranty with double chamber inflation

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Made in France 



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