Baltic 2 Hook Elasticated Safety Line 2M Length


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Baltic 2 Hook Elasticated
Safety Line 2 Metre Length


The Baltic 2 Hook Elasticated Safety line is a great intermediary product that will be useful to sailors of all abilities. Featuring a double action hook at either end of the two lengths, the strong, elasticated black webbing also features a green overload indicator that will reveal ‘Replace! Overloaded!’ in red lettering if the safety line has been subjected to a shock load.

Compatible with most safety harnesses and lifejacket integrated harnesses, the 2 meter line is designed to keep you from falling overboard by attaching to a strong anchorage point on board the vessel. Safety lines are also invaluable in a multiple man-over-board emergency by allowing wearers to attach themselves to one another, individuals are unable to drift apart and will also provide a larger visual target for rescue and recovery.

These safety lines should be rinsed in fresh water after use and webbing and stitching is to be regularly inspected.

Baltic have carefully manufactured this product from the best quality materials available and guarantee the product for five years against manufacturing and material fault. The advised life span of this safety line is 10 years.

Tested and approved to EN ISO 12401.


Compatible with the Baltic Adult Safety Harness

Also available in a 3 Hook Elasticated Safety Line 



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