EVAL Horseshoe Buoy Drogue and Pocket


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EVAL Horseshoe Buoy Drogue and Pocket


The EVAL Horseshoe Drogue and pocket is designed to reduce the drift of a horseshoe buoy across the water under the influence of the current or the wind. It is therefore an essential device for preventing your buoy from floating away, especially in open sea. Provided with a stowage pocket.

UV stabilised and fluorescent orange in colour this drogue is made using polyester with a PU coating measures 50 x 50 cm when released and is stowed in a 9 x 18 cm pocket.


  • UV stabilised and fluorescent colour
  • Material: Polyester and PU coating


  • Drogue measurements: 50 x 50 cm
  • Pocket measurements: 9 x 18cm



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