Lalizas Horseshoe Lifebuoy ‘Quick RD’ Set


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Lalizas Horseshoe Lifebuoy ‘Quick RD’ Set


A fully equipped horseshoe buoy set is essential onboard any vessel, but it usually results in frequent replacements. Whether the horseshoe buoy cover has faded due to UV exposure, or the case on the floating light has split after a few knocks, there’s a lot to consider in the upkeep.

The Lalizas Horseshoe Lifebuoy ‘Quick RD’ set removes the worry of the wear and tear we’ve come to expect, by housing the floating line, floating light, horseshoe buoy and bracket all in one sleek unit.

Using three Velcro fastenings to attach to the railings, the unit remains covered and secure in all conditions.

The buoy itself provides 145N of buoyancy and the 30 meter floating rope can support up to 400kg.

Set within a stylish grey case, there’s no fiddly zips to contend with in case of emergency, meaning you can get to everything quickly and confidently.



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