Ocean Safety Para Anchor Drogues – 3 size variants

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Para Anchor Drogues


Available in 3 sizes

Single Drogue: for Yachts up to 50ft

 Tandem Drogue: for Yachts 50ft to 70ft

 Triple Drogue: for Yachts 70ft+


A Para Anchor Drogue by Ocean Safety is deployed from the stern and designed to provide greater control, vary the speed of the vessel and improve directional stability downwind.
This is particularly important when running before large seas, reducing the risk of broaching, particularly in breaking waves and shallow seas.
It can also be rigged as an emergency steering device and help prevent overtaking when under tow.

When stowed, the para drogue is able to be stored in a shoe box sized locker. Manufactured from high density nylon with all seams and panels heavily reinforced.

The Para Anchor Drogue comes in three versions, single, tandem and triple.

The tandem and triple units are designed to interact with each other maintaining a positive and even drag on the stern of the vessel.

There are many situations where conditions are poor but not really life-threatening, and you would rather continue sailing and still maintain control. If you’re running before big seas, especially breaking seas, broaching can be a danger, notably if you are running dead square to the wind. Whether in the ocean or entering a harbour (perhaps over a bar) even in a narrow channel, broaching can be disastrous. This calls for a drogue.

The Para Anchor Drogue is based on parachute technology, but in the case of a drogue we use two parachute sea anchors. The two units are cut differently and closely coupled. They are designed to interact with each other, creating a very high drag and consequent pressure wave. The Para-Drogue will not break free of the water and maintains an even and positive drag on the stern of a vessel. The Para Drogue has a simple adjustable vent that can be pre-tensioned to vary the load being applied to the boat.



  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Easy to Rig
  • Adjustable openings
  • Allows greater control in rough seas
  • Can be rigged and used as an emergency steering device
  • Helps prevent towed vessels overtaking
  • Comes complete with a stowage bag

Available in 3 sizes Single Drogue: for Yachts up to 50ft   Tandem Drogue: for Yachts 50ft to 70ft   Triple Drogue: for Yachts 70ft+

with options to add a line in single and tandem/triple



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Drogue Options

Single Drogue, Tandem Drogue, Triple Drogue

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without Line, Single Line, Tandem/Triple Line

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