Perry Lifebuoy Stainless Steel Bracket



Perry Lifebuoy Stainless Steel Bracket


This Perry Lifebuoy Stainless Steel bracket is a convenient accessory for your perry lifebuoy storage. Sold individually, The  bracket can be fixed anywhere to hang your perry lifebuoy. This is a great way to store your lifebuoy in a place where you can access it with ease in the event of an emergency. A handy storage option without the need for housing.

This bracket is suitable for either the 24″ and the 30″ lifebuoys.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy to install

This is for the bracket only, if you would like to purchase a Perry Lifebuoy please click here to view the 24″ Perry Lifebuoy and here to view 30″ Perry Lifebuoy

both have options to add a bracket when ordering 



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