Lalizas Radar Reflector 18″ Collapsible


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Lalizas 18″ Collapsible Radar Reflector


This Lalizas Radar Reflector has an 18″ diameter and is made of a light alloy.

Most small boats will return a very weak echo to radar, and having an additional reflector onboard can be essential to maximising visibility to larger vessels.

Provided with head plastic protection to fit to the corners, which are easy to fit and remove when not in use.

This folding model makes for easy storage when not required.

Each unit comes flat packed in a plastic cover and easily slots together, please use the product image on this page for guidance.

The individual dimensions of this product are: 34 x 34 x 47cm

Unsure if you need one? Read the advice from the RYA here.

Looking for multiple items to fulfil your coding requirement? You can request a full coding list quote form through our website here.



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