Workboat Code 2 Training Manual


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This is the fourth edition of the Workboat Code 2 Training Manual, featuring all the up to date lifesaving appliances and survival techniques. This training manual is developed for vessels that have to comply with the MCA Workboat 2 Code, however it is a useful manual on all similar vessels whether they are governed by the Code or not. As required by the UK MCA’s Workboat Code from January 2015, the code applies to:

  • Small workboats (under 24m, or if built before July 1968, of less than 150 GRT) that operate to sea eg Windfarm Vessels, Tenders, Fishing Vessels etc.
  • Vessels in commercial use, other than those engaged in recreational, sport or pleasure use
  • All UK workboats, wherever they may be operating
  • All UK pilot boats, of any size
  • Non-UK vessels in UK waters or operating from UK ports

The training manual is comprised of approximately 120 pages on a ring binder and features the following chapters:


  • preparing for an emergency
  • life saving appliances
  • some specific vessel requirements
  • man over board recovery
  • survival
  • search & rescue
  • vessel specific details