Aquaspec AQLBL Lithium Battery Horseshoe Buoy LED Light



Aquaspec AQBL Lifebuoy Light
with Lithium Battery

The Aquaspec AQLBL Lifebuoy Light is a lithium, battery-powered man overboard emergency light to be installed with a horseshoe buoy.

When the light enters the water the head of the LED lamp will float above water due to the gravity design and the water sensors will automatically activate the light.


  • Powerful white flashing LED light
  • Gravity sensor floats LED lamp head
  • Water sensors activate light
  • Functional, simple and compact design
  • Fixing clip designed for easy installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Sold with a minimum four year battery life
  • Tamper-proof


The lifebuoy light comes with a clip and rope. The clip should be mounted adjacent to the lifebuoy, and the light placed on the clip and firmly tied to the lifebuoy with the rope. When the lifebuoy is thrown into the water,
the light must be automatically pulled from the clip and thrown into the water with the lifebuoy.


The light was designed with a gravity sensor and water sensor double activation system. When the lifebuoy light enters the water, the head of LED lamp will automatically float above water due to the gravity design.

The water sensor will automatically activate the light and output a flashing white light more than 2.0cd light intensity for at least 14 hours. When the sensors leave the water, the light will automatically turn-off.



The light is maintenance free, but the following checks should be made annually:

  • Inspect unit for signs of damage or corrosion.
  • Test the light by immersing the sensors in water, the light should flash. When the sensors leave the water the light will turn off automatically.
  • When in storage, ensure the LED lamp end is downwards and the water sensors are dry at all times.



The unit has a five year life span from the date of manufacture, it should be replaced by the expiry date shown on the label. The unit should be disposed in accordance with local regulation through an approved
environment disposal agent.



The light contains a Lithium battery which must be handled correctly:

  • Do not dismantle battery pack
  • Do not make any external electrical connection
  • Do not recharge
  • Do not incinerate
  • Store between -30°C and +65°C

To view the datasheet for this product please click here.

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