Coast Polysteel PS600 LED Torch



Coast Polysteel PS600 LED Torch


One of the most powerful torches, the Coast Polysteel PS600 is extremely useful for marine use.

This torch is not only completely waterproof its tough stainless steel core and lightweight poly resin outer coating protect the torch from impact, dusty conditions and extreme temperatures.

The torch is pretty much unbreakable.

With Coasts Pure Beam Focusing Optic the bulls-eye spot beam reaches an incredible 234 metres and the Ultra View Flood beam gives a consistent circle of light up to 3 metres in diameter and covers a distance of 1.8 metres.

  • 620 lumens
  • 4 x AAA alkaline batteries included
  • Waterproof at 3 metres for 6 hours
  • Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
  • IPX8 rated
  • 21cm in length/5cm diameter
  • 5 year warranty included



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