V-Tronix SL 156 Shorelink Emergency Antenna



V-Tronix SL 156 Shorelink Emergency Antenna


The V-Tronix SL 156 Shorelink is an emergency antenna for instant set up if your main antenna becomes broken or disabled.

The Shorelink is sealed in a waterproof 24cm weather resistant plastic tube, and can be stored easily on bulkhead or in a flare pack. 6m of miniature coaxial cable (RG-174) with PL-259 connector fitted.

Suitable for hand-held use or pole mounting, the Shorelink Antenna has step-by-step multilingual instructions printed on the case for the un-skilled user. Simply remove end caps, withdraw the antenna and cable, screw the antenna into the top, connect into VHF and fix on to one of the four options shown in the instructions.

Compulsory for Royal Ocean Racing Club (R.O.R.C) racing,  you can view the Regulations for RORC racing here

Antenna length: 0.4m (1.3ft) Gain: 1dB

Open length 400mm
Closed length 239mm
Gain 2dBi
Impedance 50 okms
Max Power Output 50W
Frequency Range 156-162MHz

Your Antenna is a vulnerable piece of equipment, protect your crew by carrying this complete standby antenna system.

  • Fits into an emergency locker
  • Easy to store, easy to use
  • Ideal for Offshore racing

Supplied complete with mounting bracket, 6m of miniature cable and a PL259 VHF plug.

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