Ikaros White Hand Flare – Collection Only



IKAROS White Hand Flare


Burning time >60s  Easy to use with clear instructions

Watch the video on hand flares.


The Ikaros white handheld flare, is designed to give maximum output from a minimum size container.

The white hand flare acts as a warn-off signal and is used by vessels and pleasure craft. It can be used both day and night. When dark it is also suitable to illuminate the area around you.

This is not a distress flare – it is used to attract other vessels’ attention to warn them you may be on a potential collision course when the vessel is not taking the appropriate avoidance action. Could also be used to illuminate a man overboard at night.



The launching tube has clear instructions and a non-slip surface to ensure safe operation even when launched with one hand.

  • White light intensity 10,000cd
  • Burning duration >60 secs
  • Weight 235g





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