Ocean Signal SafeSea ARH100 with HRU (Housing & HRU Only)


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Ocean Signal SafeSea ARH100 with HRU (Housing & HRU Only)


Replace the HRU every 2 years    Water Activated


Automatice Release Housing & HRU ONLY – EPIRB is not included. Ocean Signal EPIRB3 will not fit this housing unit.


The Ocean Signal SafeSea ARH100 Automatic Release Housing is manufactured in a durable and highly UV-stable plastic and provides excellent protection of the EPIRB inside until it is required.

The EPIRB can be easily removed from the housing, for the EPIRB to be manually activated.


This automatic release housing contains a hydrostatic release mechanism which automatically deploys the EPIRB if the vessel is sinking.

IMO regulations require an automatic release housing to be provided for mandatory fitted EPIRBs.



The HRU (Hydrostatic Release Unit ) on your EPIRB needs to be replaced every 2-years  – click here to view Replacement HRUs 



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