Lalizas Chico Baby/Child ISO Lifejacket


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Lalizas Chico Baby/Child ISO Lifejacket


The Chico 100N lifejacket provides an improved fit and maximum safety

Perfect fitting is assisted both by the adjustable waistband and crotch strap and a plastic toggle drawstring mechanism at the base of the zip

With colourful Sealife design

Lifejacket’s foam distribution provides quick turn and face properly out of water A large flotation collar supports the child’s head FeatureS a crotch strap for higher safety SOLAS Retro reflective Tape & Whistle included Adjustable waist Improved fit and maximum safety

Materials certified to ISO 12402-7 and ISO 12402 -8, for higher strength, quality and durability.

  • Large flotation collar supports the head
  • Fabric beaver tail crotch strap for greater safety
  • Foam distribution provides quick turn and keeps the face properly out of the water
  • Plastic zip fastener and Web fastener
  • SOLAS retro-reflective tapes

Available in Sizes 

*Sizes 3-10kg 10-20kg 15-30kg comes with a fabric nappy and beaver tail crotch strap.


CodeWeight (kg)TypeChest Size (cm)
720693-10 kgBaby50-60
7207010-20 kgChild60-75
7107315-30 kgChild60-70
7107430-40 kgChild70-80







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Size Options

Baby (3-10kg) 72069, Child (10-20kg) 72070, Child (15-30kg) 72073, Child (30-40kg) 72074

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