Mullion Hi-Tide 275 Heavy Duty Lifejacket


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The Mullion Hi-Tide 275 Heavy Duty Lifejacket is designed for construction, port and dock workers. This jacket has a buoyancy of 294N, making it suitable for those wearing heavy duty workwear. Despite the high buoyancy made to withstand heavy weights, this jacket features a padded back and double shoulder straps to reduce discomfort. The lifejacket is made from SOLAS retro-reflective tape, in high-visibility yellow which increases visibility and ensures you can be seen in busy, high activity areas.

The Mullion Hi-Tide 275 Heavy Duty Lifejacket is made to be suitable for use in environments that involve frequent exposure to heavy abrasion, dirt, oil and grease.  Made to withstand conditions that could cause premature wear and damage to the bladder of a standard lifejacket. Additionally, this lifejacket features a marine grade whistle for a man over board to alert others. It also features a single chamber bladder and a 60g CO2 gas cylinder.

The integrated deck safety harness is approved to EN ISO12401.

Key features:

  • Single chamber
  • Hi-Vis yellow SOLAS approved retro-reflective tape on bladder
  • Oral inflation tube
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Red recovery grab strap on bladder marked “LIFT”
  • 60g CO2 gas cylinder
  • Inflation system
  • Marine grade whistle
  • 294N Buoyancy
  • Durable wipe clean PVC material
  • Double shoulder straps for comfort
  • Stainless steel interlocking belt buckles
  • Detachable crutch strap
  • Inflation system:  Halkey Roberts Alpha auto inflator

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