MOB Lifesavers from Duncan Wells


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MOB Lifesavers from Duncan Wells

The MOB Lifesaver line from Duncan Wells is a simple, clever and effective lifejacket accessory to fit to your lifejacket to aid your rescue if you fell overboard.

Approved for use on Baltic, Crewsaver, Spinlock and Seasafe lifejackets. The MOB Lifesaver is easily fitted to the lifting loop or becket inside your lifejacket.

When the lifejacket inflates the MOB Lifesaver line is then activated to enable the rescuer to grab with a boat hook. Once the rescuer has the line they can secure the MOB to the boat whilst they set up the retrieval process.

A Lifesaver is hand-made from ultra High weight Molecular PolyEthylene, also known as HMPE (the same material from which Dyneema® is made.) The Lifesaver is spliced into a loop with a Brummel buried tail splice.

  • READY         – The Lifesaver is there on the top of the lifejacket ready to be grabbed by the rescuer.
  • SIMPLE        – Grab the Lifesaver handle with the boat hook and attach the man to the boat
  • STRONG      –  Hi-Vis line will lift over 2 tons!The simple answer to MOB retrieval.

The casualty has their means of retrieval back on board stowed within their lifejacket.

We can install as part of your Lifejacket service or you can fit it yourself.

To see how the MOB Lifesaver is fitted, click here.