Plastimo Iris 50 Bearing & Orientation Compass


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Plastimo Iris 50 Bearing & Orientation Compass


The Iris 50 compass is highly regarded by the technical press and is very much the favourite hand-bearing and traditional portable compass of choice for sailors around the world.

The compass is extremely reliable, lightweight and well made providing the user with accuracy, and excellent design including built-in photo-luminescent lighting.

This iconic compass offers good protection against knocks and scrapes and although smooth in finish it will not slip out of your hand even when wet.

Multipurpose in every way you can also use this compass like a standard compass without looking through the prism.

  • 5-year warranty
  • ISO approved
  • Legibility with one-degree graduation
  • A prism reading of bearings
  • Superb card stability and wide field of view for the roughest of seas environments
  • Soft bottom cell preventing bubbles and leaks
  • Maintenance-free and non-corrosive photo-luminescent lighting requires no batteries or tritium.

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