Savex Fire Blanket 1m x 1m- Soft Case


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The Savex Fire Blanket is kite marked and manufactured to BS EN 1869:1997 standards.

It is particularly a good choice if you wish to store your fire blanket in high-use areas as it features a screen printed wipe-able PVC bag with graphical instructions and boasts an ultra-flat flexible design.

s supplied in a durable red hard plastic case.

The Savex Fire Blanket size is 1 metre x 1 metre and therefore suitable for small kitchens or below deck where space is an issue.

The fire blanket is simple to use and instructions are displayed on the bag, this fire blanket has pull straps for easy release and uses hook & loop reseal-able closure system, along with a brass hanging point.

As a woven glass fibre K30 standard blanket it is suitable for smothering small accidental fires or for wrapping around a person whose clothes may be on fire.

Dimensions when packed 17cm x 29cm x 3cm

Weight: 488g