Seamate HRU Ve-1 with 3 Year Life


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Seamate HRU Ve-1 with 3 Year Life

The innovative ‘state of the art’ Seamate HRU Ve-1 (hydrostatic release unit) Seamate HRU is small and fits all SOLAS liferafts from 6 up to 150 persons.

A unique feature of the Seamate HRU is that it only needs to be replaced every three years during the standard service of the liferaft and does not require any maintenance or spares.

As the Seamate HRU is small in size it takes up the minimum of space and is quick and easy to fit.

The easy handling procedures keeps the logistics and replacement costs of the Seamate HRU to an absolute minimum and ensures the shortest possible downtime.

The Seamate HRU is approved by DNV for both SOLAS/MED (Wheelmark) and USCG.


  • Every Seamate HRU is tested according to USCG Regulations and IMO standards.
  • Wheelmark Approved by DNV Module B & D according to Regulations & Standards & Council Directive 96/98/ECSOLAS 74 as amended, Regulation III/4, III/13, III/26, III/34 and X/III, LSA code IMO MSC/CIRC 811 and 2000 HSC code 8.


  • Every Seamate HRU comes single packed in a box with a clear English instruction manual.

Please note, due to MCA regulations, all HRUs are now date marked and therefore, cannot be refunded after purchase.