8 Person Ocean Safety Ocean Standard



Suffolk Marine Safety will discount the first service of this item (due in 3 years) by £35. This raft is only available in a container.

The Ocean Standard liferaft is a practical yet affordable liferaft and is the latest addition in the liferaft range offered by Ocean Safety.

It was introduced to fulfil the requirement for a quality yet practical entry level liferaft, which is ideal for coastal and short offshore recreational boating and non-coded craft.

Made with quality rubber
Insulated floor
Highly visible orange canopy
4 x 30 litre water pockets
Zip closure on entrance
Rain water dispenser system
Rain water collection system
Automatic light
ORC safety pack
Pack Contents:Pair of oars
Red hand flares
Bailer and 2 sponges
Waterproof torch and whistle
Lifesaving signal cards
Floating knife
Repair clamps
Rescue quoit and 30m line
Bellows hand pump
For the data sheet for this raft click here.

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Liferaft Dimensions


4 Man

6 Man

8 Man

Container Dimensions (cm)

65 x 43 x 28

74 x 48 x 29

74 x 48 x 33

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Valise Dimensions (cm)

60 x 38 x 24

70 x 24 x 40

72 x 28 x 42

Valise Weight (kg)