Fibrelight Body Overboard (BOB+) Training Dummy

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Fibrelight Body Overboard (BOB+) Training Dummy

The Fibrelight Body Overboard (BOB+) Training Dummy is a useful training aid which aids training in the recovery of an unconscious casualty. This allows training to occur on the deployment of the recovery aids and recovery of a Man overboard. The BOB+ training dummy is compact so can be stored easily on board a vessel.

To use it, simply fill it with water and place in the water. The dummy is designed to prevent leakages with its watertight internal lining, which also adds up to 55kg of weight. This added weight replicates a real-life casualty, making it a valuable training aid.

Made from PU coated heavyweight polyester outer fabric, this dummy is naturally buoyant. Additionally, the BOB+ is fitted with straps to make it more robust and to simulate clothing. This allows the person doing the recovery to be brought alongside the vessel for recovery drills.

Key Features:

  • Folds for easy storage
  • Width: 0.6m
  • Length: 1.74m
  • Weight when full: Up to 55kg
  • Weight when empty: Less than 2kg

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