Fibrelight Micro-Stretcher

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Fibrelight Micro-Stretcher


The Fibrelight Micro-stretcher is a lightweight foldable stretcher that provides rigid spinal support and a lightweight solid frame. This stretcher has the advantage of being compact and lightweight, making it a great piece of equipment for mobile rescue teams in a number of terrains. In addition to this, the stretcher is fully adjustable, accommodating a wide range of casualty sizes. This stretcher is designed to withstand up to 311kg in weight (47 stone)- which is up to 3.5 times the average UK male weight.

This stretcher provides ample support for the casualty – offering spinal and head protection, with over-body, chin or head restraining straps.

This folding stretcher is manufactured using rods of carbon fibre with strengthening inserts that are encased in a hard-wearing netting frame. This makes the stretcher both stable and strong. The combination of its compact but strong design makes this a great choice for emergency MOB rescue.

This stretcher comes in a number of colourways including, orange, black, military green, olive grab green, khaki sand.


Key Features

  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Spinal and head support
  • Folds down into a backpack
  • Ready to use quickly and efficiently
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Assembly time: <20 seconds
  • 4-6 man carry straps


  • Weight packed: 5.1kg
  • Weight unpacked: 4.6kg
  • Dimensions packed: 380x280x120mm
  • Dimensions unpacked: 1900x260x22mm
  • Weight stress tested to 311kg

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Please see the CQC datasheet for more details, or view the video to see it in action.


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