Fibrelight Emergency Ladder

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Fibrelight Emergency Ladder


The Fibrelight Emergency Ladder is an MCA approved ‘means of embarkation’ which can be used on any vessel. This is an essential piece of boat safety equipment. Designed for single person use, this ladder can be deployed in less than a minute, making it highly useful in an emergency situation.

The ladders all come with a standard 60cm width and different lengths that range from 2-60m. The ladders are made from carbon fibre rods enclosed in flanged tubular webbing which together create a strong and sturdy stucture. The ladders exceed the ISO 799 strength test.

Additionally, the double rung structure makes these ladders easier, faster and safer to climb. The materials used make this a low maintenance piece of equipment that requires no annual servicing. These ladders have all been successfully tested for thermal ageing, weathering, UV light and oil resistance.

Key Features:

  • MCA approved
  • Lightweight and easily deployed
  • Low maintenance with no annual servicing required
  • Double rung structure


  • Width: 60cm
  • Available Length: 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m, 45m, 50m, 55m, 60m, 65m

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10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 2m, 30m, 35m, 3m, 40m, 45m, 50m, 55m, 5m, 60m, 65m

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