Tackle & Handy Billy from Duncan Wells



Tackle & Handy Billy from Duncan Wells


Harken tackle comes with Kong Tango locking gate carabiners on either end, which are perfect for whacking at what you want to attach them to and which cannot open accidentally – as snap shackles can.

The tackle & handy billy come with silk at either end to tie around the falls by the block to stop the block inverting and thus tangling. We recommend stowing the tackle fully extended, coiled into a bucket, ready to deploy. Other tackles may have velcro wraps for this but you need two hands to undo velcro. They attach our silks with a turn around the falls and then into a bow.

You can undo a bow with one hand. Remember our MOB retrieval set-up is designed for just one person to manage – the person perhaps who is left alone on the boat.

The tackle that Harken makes for Duncan Wells has been tested for lifting people. These tests are much more stringent than the tests that blocks will undergo, for a main sheet system for example. The Harken tackle has been tested to the breaking strain of its weakest component.

The breaking load is 1700 kg – this is then divided by 10 to give a Safe Working Load of 170 kg. A safe working load is a load that rates something for daily use. With our Harken tackle, we hope never to use it at all, never mind daily.





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