MOB Tackle & Sling Retrieval Kit from Duncan Wells

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MOB Tackle & Sling Retrieval Kit from Duncan Wells

The MOB Tackle & Sling Retrieval Kit from Duncan Wells comprises a Harken 6 part ratcheted block tackle, with Kong Tango locking gate carabiners and a  ‘Rescue Sling’, rope to chain to rope in a reinforced plastic tube, wrapped in dayglo orange cloth, with modern rope technology adjustable sling length. Suitable for both sailing boats and motorboats, this rescue kit allows allows the casualty to be lifted out horizontally. And of course MOB Lifesavers that you fit into your lifejackets can be added to the purchase.

This 6 part ratcheted block Harken tackle was developed the Duncan Wells team and Harken and is made specially to their design. You cannot get it anywhere else in the world. What makes it different from any other 6 part tackle is that every element of it has been specifically designed for man overboard retrieval and tested and rated for man overboard retrieval.

All three elements of the kit can be purchased separately or together for the ultimate MOB retrieval.

Key Features

  • Bought separately or together
  • Suitable for sailing boats and motorboats

Additional information

Add Rescue Sling*

Add Rescue Sling (+£40.00), No Rescue Sling Required

Add MOB Lifesaver*

Add 1 x MOB Lifesaver (+£17.95), Add 2 x MOB Lifesaver (+£35.00), Add 3 x MOB lifesaver (+£52.00), Add 4 x MOB lifesaver (+£69.00), No MOB Lifesaver Required