Be Grab Bag Ready

Be ready if you ever need to grab that bag! 🌊🛄🆘

When you’re boarding, make it a habit to keep all your important items such as keys, money, passports, spare glasses, and prescription medications in a safe and easily accessible place. You should place them in a suitable bag that is easy to grab, can hold plenty of essential items, and will keep them dry and protected. This way, if you ever need to disembark in an emergency, you’ll have everything you need at hand.

Dry bags are perfect for making a grab bag up, they come in various sizes, roll down for stowing in compact spaces and are waterproof. Keeping items such as VHF Handheld Radios, EPIRBS, PLBS, Electronic Flares, First Aid Kits, Mobile Phones and Torches dry.

We have made it easy by compiling items that would ideal to set up your emergency bag.

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