Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1 Personal Locator Beacon

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Wherever you are, at sea, on land, the rescueME PLB1 provides the reassurance that global emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button. rescueME PLB1 uses the only officially recognised worldwide dedicated search and rescue satellite network (operated by Cospas Sarsat). Because this service is funded by governments, it is completely free of charge to use.

When activated the rescueME PLB1 transmits your position and your ID to a Rescue Coordination Center via satellite link. The rescue services nearest to you are promptly notified of your emergency and regularly advised of your current location to assist prompt rescue.

The rescueMe PLB1 can be operated with a single hand in even the most challenging situations and a simple spring loaded flap covers the activation button to prevent inadvertent use. The rescueME PLB1 is provided with a flotation pouch to fit the PLB into to enable it to float.*  The rescueME PLB1 is an ideal choice for a solo sailor in an emergency situation, its features included


30% smaller (typ) by volume

Easily fits in lifejacket

Retractable Antenna

7 Year Battery Life

7 year warranty

24+ hour operational life

Operates on 406MHz Satellite and 121.5MHz Homing frequency

66 Chanel GPS

High brightness strobe light >1candela

66 channel GPS receiver

Unique mounting clip

Operates on the global Cospas Sarsat rescue system

Free to use, no subscription charges

Supplied with free flotation pouch


*Please note that the PLB will not float in an operating position in the pouch. Please ensure the PLB is firmly attached to the pouch with the provided lanyard, using suitable self locking knots.