ACR SR203A VHF Handheld Survival Radio


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ACR SR203A VHF Handheld Survival Radio


FCC-approved        21 Channels


The SR203A VHF Handheld Survival Radio is an FCC-approved device that’s built for all marine applications.

Its digital display and control buttons are backlit, making the device easily operable in dark environments.

If you find yourself in need of some assistance, the SR203A VHF is easy to use.

Once it’s been activated, this survival radio automatically tunes to emergency Channel 16 and has a single push call button so you can quickly send out your distress message.

The SR203A VHF has a battery life of over 16 hours and meets all the requirements of the IMO.



  •  Efficient transmitter
  •  Rugged design
  •  Primary Lithium battery exceeds GMDSS requirements
  •  Protective battery tab
  •  Non-hazardous batteries
  •  16 hours of typical operating life
  •  Optional rechargeable battery kit
  •  Laser-etched control buttons
  •  High contrast/backlit digital display and keypad
  •  21 Channels


The ACR VHF Handheld is part of the ACR product range we have to offer.

We also have available the ICOM 1C-M25 Euro Bouyant Handheld Radio or the ICOM IC-M94DE VHF Marine Transceiver with DSC & AIS Receiver



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