Fibrelight Attachment Slings

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Fibrelight Attachment Slings


The Fibrelight Attachment Slings are designed to allow flexibility of attaching MOB recovery cradles and emergency ladders. The sewn eyelets on either end of the cradles and emergency ladders are designed to take loads up to 900kgs each, however, if these eyelets are unsuitable, the slings are a suitable alternative.

These have been load tested to 1980kg whether on a single point or dual point attachment.

These attachment slings can be added to the Fibrelight Emergency Ladders, to convert the ladders from 3-point linkage to 2- or 1-point linkage. They can also be added to the MOB Recovery Cradle to add length and convert the cradle from 6-point linkage to 2- or 3-point linkage.


Key Features

  • Add to Fibrelight emergency ladders
  • Add to Fibrelight MOB recovery cradle
  • Load tested weight: 1980kg


  • Available in lengths: Standard and Long

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