Fibrelight Ballast Rungs

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Fibrelight Ballast Rungs


The Fibrelight Ballast Rungs can be added to the Fibrelight MOB Recovery Cradles and the Fibrelight Emergency Ladder, where extra weight is required in the water. This can be used for example, in the central rung of a long cradle, to replace the carbon fibre or GRP rod with one of stainless steel.

When added to the emergency ladders, these Ballast Rungs offer increased stability in adverse weather conditions. When added to the MOB recovery cradle, these offer sinkage in the middle rungs of the cradle.


Key Features

  • Add to your Fibrelight MOB Cradles and Emergency ladders
  • Offer increased stability to ladders in poor weather
  • Offer sinkage in the middel rungs of cradles

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