Jon Buoy Inflatable Rescue Sling – Soft Case



Jon Buoy Inflatable Rescue Sling – Soft Case


Automatic Inflation    Leisure Sailing      We are approved to service Jon Buoy equipment


The Jon Buoy Inflatable Rescue Sling is specifically designed for a waterborne casualty’s quick and easy recovery. Packed neatly into an easily storable soft or hard case, the versatile fitting can be packed into any suitable boat or land-based fixture. The weight of the pouch allows for an accurate throw to the casualty of up to 36 metres. Upon contact with the water, the sling automatically inflates. An automatic light is an optional extra that can be fitted.



  • Automatic inflation
  • Retro-reflective tape
  • Easy to deploy
  • SWL 175kg
  • 36m floating line
  • Soft case – 2 years service period

Note the Inflatable Rescue Sling does not come with a light as standard.


Available in

Soft case

The Jon Buoy Recovery Sling is also available in a White Hard Case, as part of the Jon Buoy MOB Range


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