Shakespeare Galaxy Infl8-5 Marine VHF Antenna



Shakespeare Galaxy Infl8-5 Marine VHF Antenna

The Shakespeare Galaxy Infl8-5 Marine VHF Antenna is an emergency antenna for instant set up if your main antenna becomes broken or disabled. This inflatable antenna can be quickly deployed, either by the CO2 cartridge or by the manual inflation. Once inflated, this antenna goes rigid and can reach 1.5m (5 foot), to offer a 3dB antenna with a range of up to three times greater than any previous inflatable antennas.

Easy to store, the Infl8-5 antenna comes in a bright orange storage bag. This ensures that it is readily available in an emergency but conveniently compact for stowage. Featuring an SMA adapter, this antenna can be connected to most handheld radios.

This can be mounted with its hook and loop straps, which allows it to be quickly and easily installed in any weather to stanchions, outriggers or other vertical structures on board. It also features grommets on the top and bottom to allow hanging and securing to spreaders, masts, hard tops and other structures even in case the inflatable bladder becomes damaged.

Key features:

  • Full 3dB performance
  • Inflatable to 5ft (1.5m)
  • Inflation via CO2 or via manual tube
  • Straps and Grommets
  • Included SMA Adapter
  • Compact storage bag
  • Inflation: >24 hrs per  cartridge

watch the Infl8-5 marine VHF Antenna 

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