Lifecord Kill Cord



Lifecord is a uniquely designed smart kill cord providing the certainty of a tethered connection between a boats engine ignition kill switch and pilot ensuring the vessel’s engine stops should the pilot be thrown from the helm.

However, unlike existing kill cords, Lifecord incorporates detection technology designed to trigger a warning alarm should it be connected to the boat but not the pilot.


Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, Lifecords manufacturer operates under quality procedures complying with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and is manufactured to IP67 rating.

Its robust design is intended to withstand a harsh marine environment. The CR2 battery is readily sourced and easily user replaceable, uses no power when not in use and negligible power in connected mode. Combining these, even in commercial use, the battery should last a season or two with ease even when including the current draw during the average time likely for it to be in full alarm mode.

Included is a one-year manufacturers guarantee. (visit for details, terms and conditions)

Approximate dimensions and weights:

Packaged weight 220g, Package size: 100mm diameter height 120mm, Product: weight 152g – length 60cm – length when stretched 150cm, Operational temperature parameters:-20º to +50ºC, Lifecord is packaged in a bespoke, branded, PVC / nylon drawstring bag, useful for product storage. Also included is a GB instruction manual. A small card presentation label and nylon tie ensures minimal packaging to recycle.

For more information call now on 01473833010.

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